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There's no such thing as an app that does it all, right out of the box. Unless you have it custom built! See how our unique process combined with our cutting-edge experts can make your wildest business fantasies, a reality.


Whether it's for a project rescue, a quick fix, or extend your productivity on a bigger project, our talented programmers are available for you, when you need it the most. Back end, front end or full stack software developers mastering leading technologies.

The Toreo Edge

Limited by imagination only

If you have it in your mind, it’s possible. We get the most excited with ambitious digital projects that require a lot of headache and brain juice. We know, we’re weird. But don’t worry, we enjoy any simple projects that get you great results, too.

Bias-free, long term approach

It’s in our main interest to truly define what is the absolute best solution for your needs, regardless of the amount of business it will bring us in the short term, simply because if you win in the long run, we also win, and that is a wonderful thing.

No B.S. (Disclaimer)

It might be shocking to read, but we will most likely not be a good fit to work with you. Simply because most businesses will do just fine with already existing, code-free apps out there. But if you need something more adapted, we’re here to help!

Adapted, flexible and profitable
digital solutions.

We do this by being :

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    Before initiating any technological changes in your organization, we need to identify the most beneficial opportunities to work on. Our interactive assessment process allows us to identify the main bottlenecks and potential gains for your new digital ecosystem to give you the best returns, asap.

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    Proper project coordination is a mandatory for results oriented execution. By having us taking project management burden off your shoulders for your digital optimization projects, you’re saving tremendous amount of time while making sure your new IT improvements will actually be executed successfully and on time, every time.

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    Our web development team got you covered. No matter the technicality of your digital needs. Our experienced, senior programmers will make sure to build strong solutions and get you out of trouble when you need it the most.

We can't wait to know about your project!