Custom Digital Revamping

Our turnkey offer to bring big ideas to reality and generating results with custom web applications and digital solutions.

How can your organization benefit from digital revamping?


  • Save hours of admin tasks and reduce human errors by converting from paper to digital
  • Eliminate the spreadsheets mess by converting them to true cloud-based applications
  • Reduce data redundancy with properly connected digital tools
  • Convert more visitors to paying customers with an improved website user experience
  • Get better business results by upgrading your outdated legacy apps and systems
  • Increase employee retention with adapted software that makes their lives easier


  • Exploit a new recurring revenue opportunity by building an innovative mobile or desktop application (SaaS)
  • Stand out from the competition by offering exclusive digital tools and features to your customers
  • Increase sales and keep track of deals with a personalized CRM (Customer Relationship Management system)
  • Improve your workflow efficiency with the right project management tools
  • Empower your personnel to do more in less time by gathering all your tools into a single custom ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning)

A business's competitive advantage lies in their unique way to deliver value. That’s why digital tools should be designed based on how the business operates, not the other way around.

How we make it happen

Custom Web

Whether it’s to design an innovative app to generate revenue (SaaS), or to design software that can execute things in a way that no others can, creating a custom web application has never been so relevant.


We’re developers, but we don’t always code everything from scratch. When suited, we use existing software for some modules. We then add personalization, and make sure they are properly connected with all the other components of the digital solution.


Native, built-in connections to third party apps have limitations in terms of flexibility and stability. Even with tools like Zapier. Using API custom connections, our developers make sure you get the most of all your digital tools with almost unlimited flexibility.

Websites &
eCommerces customization

Unleash the full potential of any CMS or eCommerce platform based on PHP, or other. Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, or from a completely custom framework, we can add features, create plugins, fix a bug, and build a store from scratch.

A skyview of our exclusive digital revamping process

From the minimal viable product (MVP) to the end result, our process allows a faster ROI while keeping a long-term vision.


Strategy Scan

Prior to jump to the solution, we become obsessed about your project. The what, why and how. We also make sure to deepen our understanding of the end user, simply because it's one of, if not THE most important factor in the success of any digital project. This first step of the process also allows us to identify the "low-hanging fruits" so that we can work on the highest-return opportunities first.


Building Your Solution

It’s now time to switch to brainstorm and crafting mode. Our experts will define what has to be coded from scratch, and which already-existing tools we can use to design a digital solution that will deliver on the needs and goals, with the least concessions, while keeping the long-term vision in mind.


Integration & Onboarding

Once all the custom apps are built and the structure of the new digital ecosystem are properly mapped out, it's time to put this all into play. We team up with the participative leaders within your organization to make sure everything is being delivered according to plan. Also, as the success of any digital project depends directly on the ablity of people to use it, this part of the process provides ineractive training adapted to the learning curve of every indivual.


Ongoing Improvements

Once the positive outcomes of a first digital revamping project are showing up, it becomes a great addiction. And as technology and industries are evolving, businesses that will continiously sharpen their unique personnolized digital infrastucture will thrive, while the others will be left behind. As long as we will remain your digital partner, we take on the responsibility to never let that happen to you, by proactively challenging the status quo, staying updated on your evolution and of course, being there to support you through your digital innovation.

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