SPENCER - A custom platform for the automation of cryptocurrency exchanges

About the Client

The client was a cryptocurrency investor who was looking for a trading automation solution.

Project Requirements

After testing similar SaaS applications that are already available on the market like 3commas and Cryptohopper, the client wasn’t satisfied with their features. To maximize his returns, he needed a higher level of customization:

Flexible configuration of trading algorithms

An algorithm is a series of expressions that determine certain actions to be automated. The list of expressions and statements can go on and on. Existing apps simply did not allow them to be configured deep enough to meet the specific needs and strategies of the client.

Custom notifications

Existing apps allow notifications with pre-existing limitations. These notifications can only be sent by email, or through a third-party application.

The client wanted the ability to configure notifications more, and to receive them on a mobile device and/or by email.

The client also needed to define specific times of the day for receiving notifications, and a precise configuration for these notifications:

Keep investment strategies private

The terms and conditions for most SaaS software allow them to use their users’ data for commercial purposes. Our investor has developed his own proprietary investment techniques, and was keen on retaining full ownership.

This would not have been possible using existing alternatives.

With all those needs in mind, we’ve developed a custom web application to be the exact solution that our client was looking for.

Project Challenges

During the diagnosis we did for this project, we realised that beyond the complex functionalities that we had to implement, we were going to face the following challenges:

Project Deadline

The timeline for this project was one of the biggest of challenges. We had only five months to deliver this project. However, we managed to put together the necessary resources to deliver the main functionalities in less than 12 weeks. It took us 6 weeks to complete the functional testing phase, which allowed us to deliver a robust final product.

API requests limits

To enable real time transactions, SPENCER must connect to cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bittrex. These apps allow the public to access their data through an API gateway. These APIs provide relatively limited access to essential parameters and are subject to updates. In order to ensure SPENCER’s reliability, our developers had to use more advanced integration techniques to keep the app operating smoothly.

Adapting to a New Industry

Before being hired for this project, we saw cryptocurrencies as a sketchy industry where only a few lucky visionaries have made their fortunes. Toreo knows digital technologies, coding and business processes. We were new to crypto, and immersing ourselves in this industry to truly understand it was a big challenge. The combination of our client's strengths with our own enriched everyone's knowledge during the rigorous process of creating SPENCER.

The results