Custom 360 digital transformation for a food distribution company

The customer

The client in this project was a Montreal-based food distribution company that serves 40,000 customers, and more than 100 businesses

The Challenge

The fast-growing company needed technology tools to support sales, operations and administrative tasks.

The requirements were too complex to exclusively integrate a “turnkey” SaaS software.

As this company was growing fast, they needed a turnkey ERP solution that could keep up with their growth and support their sales, operations, and administrative tasks.

The solution

After studying the client’s needs, we came to the conclusion that a hybrid solution was the best option for their needs. This hybrid solution would combine a custom web app with existing SaaS solutions. This way, we could give the client the perfect solution for their needs within a short deadline, and within budget.

Here are the five modules of our proposed custom solution:

The proposed solution would have the following turnkey SaaS integrations:

1. Dispatch system for client meetings

Dispatch agents on the client’s team would operate this module, and benefit from its several useful functions. Those functions include automatic meeting assignments and an interactive information dashboard that allows agents to make quick and efficient decisions.

This dispatch system is also synchronized with the appointment scheduling module. This makes it possible to add appointments with clients based on the representative’s work schedule. As a result, representatives can utilize their time more efficiently.

2. Custom CRM

To avoid burdening the client with too much SaaS monthly subscriptions, we developed a custom CRM with the following functionality:

Here are the various functions developed in the custom CRM module:

Basic functions

Additional functions

3. KPI Dashboards

We designed the KPI dashboard to help our client’s managers better interpret data. The dashboard is completely customizable, and managers can use it to monitor information based on their specific needs, regardless of the information source. The permissions to access different dashboards are also completely configurable.

4. Orders interface

The following are the main functions of the orders interface we built for this client:

5. Custom invoicing system

To put the data collected from the order taking module to good use, we decided to build a custom invoicing system, instead of using a turnkey SaaS solution.

Key features of the custom invoicing system include:

6. IP Phone System Implementation

With more than 30 people from the client’s team making calls simultaneously, we needed to implement a solid IP phone system. The best solution was to implement the IP telephone system of the Montreal company VoxSun.

We combined this system with an X-Lite call app and connected it to other custom modules to get the missing functionalities.

Here are the key features of the IP phone system:

7. Project management tool

We developed this tool to ensure the proper management for each ongoing project for our client. Our tool of choice for this project was Asana.

Despite being more complex than similar tools like Monday or Trello, Asana allows almost unlimited functionalities to medium and large businesses.

The integration with our CRM module will save a client costly work hours, and prevent human errors.

8. Routes Optimization App Integration (Workwave)

To save the client the unnecessary cost of developing a custom solution from scratch, we decided to use Workwave Route Manager, and connect it through APIs to our custom billing module.

The Results

Our hybrid digital transformation allowed our customers to lower their operation costs and increase their work efficiency.

Our solution allowed our client to: